Hello! I'm Thanyawan  

I'm a service designer based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I'm helping Philips design and unlock new services and consumer experience  for personal health solutions. 

My Top 5 skills are ;

System thinking and strong analytical skills

Strong visualisation to synthesize consumer and business insights 

Creativity to connect the dot & create a meaningful brief for value proposition exploration

Shape, prioritize assumptions and create experimentation to validate service prototypes

Flexible to work with. multi-disciplinary team and bring ideas to live

My selected projects 

Majority of the projects I have been working on are confidential, as you can imagine.

Please reach out to my e-mail. We can have a chat about other exciting projects I have been working on!

Bonus track

Before service design, I was a content writer at Why_Not Social enterprise - using storytelling  to help NGOs, social organizations, and local community to voice up their concerned social issues to the public attention of my native Thailand. 

Let's talk!

Send me an e-mail at Hello@thanyawan.work